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Blood pressure, eye pressures, and evaluation of ecg is available from SVIM consulting and ultrasound. 

Blood pressure measurements are as important for our pets health as it is for our own.  Some conditions carry a significant risk of high blood pressure: diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, and hormone related illnesses like hyperthyroidism and Cushing's. Once identified, high blood pressure can be managed.






The tonopen measures eye pressures (intraocular pressures). Elevated pressures is called glaucoma while low pressures indicates inflammation within the eye called uveitis. These conditions are caused by problems within the eye only or due to disease affecting the whole body. 


ECG: Heart rhythm problems are identified in-house for immediate treatment.  If needed we send the study for review by a veterinary cardiologist.  Other types of ecg monitoring include Holter and event monitoring, where the pet wears the monitor for 1-5 days.


 Basic shape & names of the normal electrical activity of a heart beat                            Ventricular Bigeminy in a dog.