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Canine Blood Donor Drive.

Dogs Saving Dogs      

SVIM is always looking for Dogs who meet the requirements to become blood donors!

Why do dogs need blood? 

Dogs need blood transfusion for many different reasons. The most common conditions are trauma (i.e. hit by a car), rat poison or other toxins, anemia, bleeding problems, severe illnesses (like liver disease or cancer). Even dogs with severe intestinal parasites may need blood transfusions.


Do dogs have the same blood types as people?

No. Dogs have at least six well defined blood types, also known as dog erythrocyte antigens (DEA). The universal blood type for dogs is DEA 1.1 negative. This blood type can be given to any dog, so it?s the blood type that we look for first. Other blood types are used when necessary.


Can my dog donate blood to save another dog's life?  

Your dog could be a life saver if he/she is:

Between 1-6 years old                                                 

Between 50 and 100 pounds

Happy and healthy

Current on vaccinations and takes monthly heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention

Spayed or neutered. (And has never had a litter of puppies.)


How do I sign my dog up?

1.       Fill out the necessary forms about you and your pet.

2.       Your dog will have a preliminary physical examination and behavior assessment at the Canine Blood Drive or during an appointment at SVIM.

3.       If the basic requirements have been met, an appointment will be scheduled at SVIM at 7013 Sand Beach Blvd for blood typing and other screening tests.


How does the canine blood donor program work?

There is a two year commitment to the program. You must be able to bring your dog in for blood donation every 4-8 weeks. You may be asked to bring your dog in for an emergency donation. The maximum your dog can donate is monthly.  Your dog must stay current on vaccines and be maintained on heartworm prevention, and flea and tick prevention. You must let SVIM know if your pet becomes ill and/or needs additional medication. All medical exams and test results will be faxed to your family veterinarian!