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We treat a wide range of cancers in our patients.  We emphasize quality of life for our patients when we are choosing a therapeutic plan, keeping your pet happy and comfortable for as long as possible.  For certain types of cancers we can achieve remission times ranging from many months to years.

  We give extra TLC to our chemotherapy patients! 


SVIM offers comprehensive cancer diagnostic services including:

               CBC with manual differential and complete chemistries

               Radiography and Ultrasonography (including cancer staging)

               Cytology and Biopsy

               Bone Marrow Aspirates & Core Biopsies



               Oncology Consults


               Intravenous, intramuscular, and intracavitary chemotherapy

               Typical chemotherapy protocols are given every week to every month depending on the cancer.

SVIM uses BD PhaSeal Technology to administer cytotoxic (chemotherapeutic) drugs to minimize exposure to both the patient and the administrator.


Oncology services not offered on-site include: CT and MRI imaging, extensive surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy.  SVIM will be happy to arrange a referral to an Oncologist at anytime.  We will work closely with the Oncologist to ensure the best possible treatment of your pet's disease.


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