Shreveport Veterinary Internal Medicine

Shreveport, LA 71105


Critical Care

 For the animal who is having a medical emergency we are ready to provide intensive care treatment and monitoring.  We are equipped to care for animals who have serious illnesses, our goal is to diagnose the patient's primary and secondary disease conditions, anticipate and prevent complications and initialize treatment.

 Critical Care Services

            Individualized care

            Physiological monitoring

            Nutritional support

            Specialized Diagnostic Testing

            Advanced fluid therapy and stabilization

            Blood pressure stabilization

            Seizure management

            Pain management

            Blood and Plasma transfusions

            Oxygen therapy

 We are here to provide critical care services and intensive hospitalization during our normal business hours.  For patients who need continued care and hospitalization after hours, we recommend our local Animal Emergency Clinic, refer to the forms section of our website for AEC information.

Oxygen therapy



We have blood donors to provide whole blood transfusions, fresh frozen plasma, and frozen plasma transfusions for the critical care patient.


Emergency blockage of upper airway of a bull dog.  He cannot get enough air in or out.  The temporary placement of a tracheostomy tube allowed him to be stabilized until he could have surgery to open up his throat and nose.


MDI therapy