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Information for Clients

Dr. Treadwell works on a referral basis.  This means that your primary care veterinarian will initiate your referral and first appointment. We are happy to help you with this process. You can email or facebook message Dr. Treadwell your pets basic problems, and she will let you know if she can help.  Also, you may ask your veterinarian to contact her. Your veterinarian will coordinate our schedules for an appointment or an online consult. This is done through your veterinarian and Dr. Treadwell. 

The morning of the appointment we ask that you do not feed your pet, and bring all medications that he/she is on in their original containers, as well as any x-rays done elsewhere.  Your pet may have water that morning.

If your pet is diabetic, give food and insulin as usual that morning.

If your pet has kidney disease or unknown reason for increased thirst, do not withhold water. 

Please arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.  If possible, fill out the 'new patient form' found below. This will help Dr. Treadwell focus on your major concerns.

Be ready to discuss basic information about your pet's medical symptoms as is very important  for the diagnosis and management of your pet's disease.

You may be meeting directly with Dr. Treadwell or she will work directly with your veterinarian. She will go over your pet's detailed medical history, x-rays, and will examine your pet.  We give your veterinarian a general estimate of cost for procedures before the visit. Based on the findings during the consult, Dr. Treadwell may recommend medications or further testing and a new estimate of costs is provided.   

Most pets will be dropped off with their veterinarian for a few hours. If there is a particular need for you to stay with your pet, we need to coordinate an exact appointment time with Dr. Treadwell, you and your veterinarian. 

Your Pet's Best Health is My Priority.

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