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Information For Referring Veterinarians

To make a referral:

   1.  Print the "new patient referral form" (found below), fill it out and fax it along with pertinent exam records and lab work to 318-754-4776. 

If there are x-rays, e-mail them to

   2.  If your case is an emergency, or if you have questions, you may call us at 318-754-4753.

  •     For routine questions, ask for an SVIM technician.
  •     Or ask for Dr. Treadwell if you need to speak with her prior to referral. Please indicate if you have an emergency question.
  •     General estimates are available upon request. Owners will be provided with specific 
  •     estimates after their pet is examined.

   3.  Upon receipt of the referral form, we will call the owner to schedule the first appointment.

  •     If the client has questions, you may refer them our website, or they may call (318) 754-4753 or email ( us.
  •     Please note regular appointment times are Monday - Thursday 8:30:00am - 11:00am.
  •     Procedures are done in the afternoon.
  •     Emergencies are seen on an as-needed basis.

To request a consult:  

   1.    Call, email or fax a request to consult with Dr. Treadwell.

   2.    Indicate if it is an emergency.

   3.    Please fax/email blood work and e-mail x-rays prior to requesting consult, if possible.

   4.    You do not have to send the case to SVIM to receive a no-cost internal medicine consult.  

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