Shreveport Veterinary Internal Medicine Files - 'Information for Clients' Shreveport Veterinary Internal Medicine is an internal medicine referral facility in Shreveport, LA. We work closely with primary-care veterinarians who entrust us with the clients and pets they refer.1. New Client Admitting and Discharge Informtaion for new clients to know what to expect at their first visit to SVIM. file/55604/1. New Client Admitting and Discharge Informtaion2. Drop Off Form this form when your pet has a recheck and you are leaving them with SVIM for the day. file/55605/2. Drop Off Form3. New Client Information sheet this form for your first visit to SVIM so we have your contact information.file/55606/3. New Client Information sheet4. New Patient Form fill out this form about your pet's condition.file/55607/4. New Patient Form